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Sculpture as the poetry of life

The expressive search of the gesture “the sun pours onto the figures like white paint, entering into that reflection of light and steam, vibrating in the air, the shape seems to show itself as if in a mirage and the spirit appears.  
The inspiration rises from the emotions of memories, light flashes with deep sensations take their shape by feeling the clay itself and appear  without reference giving birth to the sculture by the voice of hands”. This is the fondness of sculpture which gets reality through irony and pleasure of the game. I seek poetry of the shape during its
Philosophy of the earth
Breathed Manipulation

transformation in harmony to allow being in tune with life. I try to perceive in every shape the influence of the continuous becoming of the unintentional participation which we all share.
Material evocation inside the music of time revealing its endless roundness and power to understand and shape in a perpetual  motion the feelings of one's soul. Clay philosophy, breathed manipulation.
The process of manipulation and growth of the clay sculpture is emotion al from the very first moment, maybe even more than the conclusion of the sculpture as ending act... almost reluctantly is effective exchange which has started to be at the time of its creation. Yes affective exchange, because by listening  deeply, we can create a thin but intimate connection following the mutation of the original idea
reluctantly is effective exchange which has started to be at the time of its creation. Yes affective exchange, because by listening  deeply, we can create a thin but intimate connection following the mutation of the original idea during the work of shape, playing in this way four hands. The  base for the realization of the sculpture finds through the Colombino clay echnique its best partner in work, which fits simply the breathed manipulation. No  hurry…love is to be achieved by patience and listening…the idea is developping when resting and shows
its very identity at different times, no clamor…   we have to stop and observe the clay to feel its own breath.
YAYA in Art

Works in terracotta and bronze

Yaya Frigerio in art YAYA since 2000 finds in the sculpture his true artistic expression. Emotional and psychological research is intertwined making his works, terracotta and bronze, living, vibrant and evocative...
"matter shaped by a poetic sensibility becomes a narrative, outlining a personal creative vision.
The sculptor shows the continuous expressive research that goes beyond pure technicality and the mere expression of beauty."

Awarded at the 2011 XXIX Edition of the Florence Prize;
Selected by Boiron Pharmaceuticals joins the stable of the Artistic Cultural Association OMEOART  
In 2012 he became a member of the Artists' Society for Fine Arts and Exhibition Palazzo della Permanente in Milan
He exhibits in Rome in the magnificent Palazzo Colonna.                                                                                                                                                                             
Meet the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi who appreciates his works and dedicates them "YAYA who finds in the form his soul".

In 2014 he participated in the great cultural artistic event "Health Happiness" OMEOART at the GarageMilano event space with great appreciation and reviews.
Expo 2015 "900 rice bowls" solidarity project 30 artists for the Expo at the Soderini Space in Milan
With the Academy of La Scala Theatre exhibits in Brescia in 2016 with "Prime Women" in the magnificent Palazzo Martinengo.
In 2017 his work is selected from two hundred and forty artists participating in the Palio Artistic Milano Expo held at the Palazzo della Permanente, published in the prestigious volume" Arte. Energy of the Imaginary" donated to the President of the Republic at the Quirinale Palace in Rome.
It exhibits in many prestigious events in Europe: Cannes, Berlin, Innsbruck, Paris

Appreciated by critical experts it conquers a select audience of admirers and collectors in Italy and abroad.
Lives and works in Milan and Pietrasanta.

Studio d’Arte 8     
Fornace Curti   via Walter Tobagi 8    Milano
Associazione per le Belle Arti della PERMANENTE di Milano

Personal and collective exhibitions

2019 Milano  ( La Permanente di Milano ) Io e Leonardo
2019 Venezia (Venezia in Arte) Mostra Internazionale
2018 Milano (Polifonie verso L’Oltre- UCAI Biblioteca Umanistica-Chiesa S. Maria Incoronata )
2018 Milano (URBANART- La Permanente )
2017 Roma ( volume Arte Energia dell’Immaginario al Presidente della Repubblica )
2017 Milano ( Dialogo d’Artista 130 anni della Permanente di Milano )
2017 Parigi ( Carrousel Du Louvre- Salon International d’Art Contemporain )
2017 Milano ( Periferie Urbane Umane. UCAI. Biblioteca Umanistica-Chiesa S. Maria Incoronata )
2017 Segrate-Mi ( Boiron Omeoart )
2017 Milano ( Art Marginem )
2017 Innsbruck ( ARTINNOVATION-international Art Exibition )
2017 Cannes ( Salon International d’Art Contemporain )
2017 Milano ( Boffetto Arte Energia dall’Immaginario S.Babila )
2017 Milano ( Azimuth- Liberamente )
2016 Padova ( Arte Padova )
2016 Milano ( Gioielleria Cielo Piazza Duomo )
2016 Berlino ( August International Art Exibition )
2015 Brescia ( Brend- Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni )
2015 Milano ( Palio Artistico EXPO 2015 La Permanente Milano )
2015 Milano ( 30 Artisti EXPO Soazio Soderini Milano )
2014 Milano  ( La Permanente di Milano )
2014 Milano  ( Salute-Felicità al Garage Milano ) BOIRON Omeoart
2014 Desio  ( Argento-Villa Cusani Tittoni Traversi )
2013 Milano  ( Galleria Spazio Museale Falzone )
2013 Viareggio LU ( Club Nautico Versilia Coppa Carnevale )
2013 Firenze ( Galleria d’Arte Frosecchi )
2012 Franciacorta BS ( Villa Baiana-Tenuta La Montina ) critico Vittorio Sgarbi
2012 Roma ( Palazzo Colonna )
2012 Milano ( Leucò Art Gallery )
2012 Firenze ( Galleria d’Arte Frosecchi );
2012 Premio Firenze ( Palazzo Bastogi )
2012 Firenze ( Galleria d’Arte Frosecchi );
2012 Milano ( Omeoart- Laboratoires Boiron )
2012 Milano ( argenteria Dabbene )
2011 Cervo Im ( Castello dei Clavesana )
2011 Milano ( Spazio PWC Experience )
2009 Milano ( Palazzo del Senato )
2009 Roma ( Villa Aurelia )
2008 Milano ( Fornace Curti )
2008 Corte Franca Brescia ( Palazzo Torri Nigoline )
2006 Seravezza Lucca ( Palazzo Mediceo )
2007 Camaiore Lucca ( Teatro Dell’Olivo )
2006 Lido Camaiore ( Lu ) ( Galleria d’Arte Europa )
2006 Firenze ( Galleria d’Arte Frosecchi )
2005 Camaiore( Lu ) Palazzo Tori Massoni
2005 Montichiari( Bs ) Mostra Mercato Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea
2004 Milano ( Galleria Giochi d’Arte )
2004 Camaiore ( Lu ) Palazzo Tori Massoni
2003 Milano ( Galleria Sarno )
2002 Milano ( Fornace Curti )
2001 Rozzano ( Mi )
2000 Lodi ( Teatro di Lodi )
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